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Paper Doll Kit

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You’ll receive 2 perforated 10.5" x 14" sheets, 2 unperforated 10.5" x 14" sheets, and a Viviva Color watercolor kit. Plus 2 FREE 10.5" x 14" intention reflection sheets  

In the last year I have been learning to use adobe draw and experimenting with some new projects. I was fortunate to receive a Little Big Idea Grant to create a paper doll designed for kids to engage in imaginative play. The grant allowed me to share 200 prints with local kids in transitional housing. Viviva Color (www.vivivacolors.com) graciously offered to donate  their vibrant color sheets so the kids could bring their paper dolls to life! It's been a fun process to learn more about digital printing and finding ways to create a perforated project. 

All you need is a brush and some water and you are ready to go.