2020 Michiana Woodfire Workshop

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Michiana Woodfire Workshop

June 1-6, 2020

Hosted by:

Justin Rothshank at Rothshank Artworks in Goshen, Indiana.

Demonstrations by:

Brett Kern, Stephanie Galli, Tim Kowalczyk, Samantha Hostert and Todd Pletcher

Special guests:

Sadie Misiuk and Troy Bungart



$775 per person  kiln share, limited to 6 participants — this option guarantees you space in the kiln for approximately 24-36 pieces of work. We will fire both the wood kiln and soda kiln. Your pieces will be evenly distributed between both kilns!

$350 per person  observer share, limited to 4 participants — this option guarantees you access to the entire workshop, but without an option for including work in either kiln firing

Payment in full is required to reserve your spot.


Join us for a 95 hour firing of the Rothshank wood kiln in Goshen, Indiana. This workshop will give you a chance to learn about loading and firing a 2 chamber wood kiln. The kiln is designed to fire a wide range of clay bodies and temperatures.

While we’re firing the wood kiln, we’ll also fire the natural gas powered soda kiln! You’ll learn how to load, fire, and unload this kiln, all while also firing the wood kiln. WOW!

In addition, you’ll have a chance to join each of the demonstrating artists inside the adjoining clay studio for special demonstrations including slip casting, trompe l’oeil techniques, handle making, wheel throwing, and guest collaboration sessions.

No previous wood firing experience is necessary.

Kiln Share participants are invited to bring their own pots for inclusion in the firing. Each participant will play an active role in the firing process, learning thru participation. Justin will discuss the highlights of this particular kiln, designed to fire clays ranging from cone 02-cone 11. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, experiment, and observe non traditional approaches to wood firing.

Samantha Hostert will lead the soda firing process, and discuss her loading, glazing, and firing techniques during the workshop.

This workshop isn’t meant to be comprehensive in each of the individual artist techniques, but is intended to give participants a chance to participate in a wide range of ceramic making possibilities, while also learning about contemporary atmospheric firing processes.

This is an informal, collaboration filled, spontaneous workshop. Participants will get the most out of it by asking questions, observing carefully, and being willing to engage in the process. Be prepared to jump right in. Firing kilns, collaborations, and teaching happen throughout the course of the workshop. 

Food and lodging are not provided. Additional instructions will be sent upon confirmation of registration. Early registration is encouraged, as this workshop tends to fill quickly.